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Desexing at Bonny Hills


Desexing or neutering involves removing part of a pet’s reproductive system so that they can’t reproduce. This procedure is most commonly performed on dogs and cats but we also offer ferret and rabbit desexing.


Why desex my pet at Bonny Hills Vet?

Desexing ultimately prevents unwanted pregnancies in female cats and dogs. It helps stop unwanted attention from males and reduces the wandering instinct.

There are also health benefits associated with desexing. Desexing actually reduces the risk of cancers in both males and females, as well as other life threatening conditions such as pyometra (infection of the uterus).

At Bonny Hills Vet, we only use state of the art anaesthetics and provide the utmost care for your furry friends. Our vets are very experienced in desexing surgery – your pet will be in the safest of hands.

Current research has found that delayed desexing may be warranted in larger breed dogs to decrease the likelihood of joint diseases at a later date. In these cases, desexing is carried out when the dog has reached maturity (generally around a year old). Please ask the vet about this if you have a medium to large breed puppy.

Our friendly staff can give you more information about the appropriate time to desex your pet and discuss how to prepare your pet for the surgery, get in touch with the team at Bonny Hills Vet today.

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