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Bonny Hills - Heartworm prevention

Heartworm Prevention in Dogs

Heartworm is the disease that nightmares are made of! Spread by mosquitoes, your dog doesn’t even have to go near another dog to become infected with it.

Prevention of heartworm is an important aspect of parasite control for your dog – curing heartworm is risky and expensive. Note that intestinal “all wormer” tablets do NOT protect against heartworm.

At Bonny Hills Vet, we recommend an oral monthly parasite control that covers all 4 groups of parasites (fleas/ticks/worms/heartworm), or an annual injection can be given if not starting on this product. The oral product must be given monthly to maintain heartworm control, as if the control lapses and restarts, it will not kill any heartworm that your dog becomes infected with during the lapsed period.

Contact our friendly vet staff today to ensure your pet is protected against heartworm.

Bonny Hills - Heartworm prevention
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