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Medical Imaging

Medical imaging helps us at Bonny Hills Vet to look at what’s going on inside your pet without actually opening them up. Using medical imaging such as X-rays and ultrasound, we can examine bones and soft tissue to diagnose conditions from fractures (broken bones) and bone cancer to pneumonia and pregnancy.


Digital X-Rays

Bonny Hills Vet’s digital X-ray machine allows us to process and examine X-ray images of your pet quickly, aiding in diagnosis and treatment of many conditions, including in some dental examinations. Depending on what area needs to be X-rayed, your pet may require sedation or general anaesthesia, for us to get diagnostic images.



We have the facilities to perform basic ultrasound for your pets, but for more complex situations, we may refer you to a visiting vet who performs more complicated ultrasounds on a weekly basis.

Ultrasound scanning uses high frequency sound waves (that humans can’t hear) to generate images of internal structures. When the sound waves are pointed at the body, some of the waves are absorbed and some bounce back – the ones that bounce back are measured by the machine and transformed into an image for us to examine. Your pet’s fur may obstruct the ultrasound scan – so don’t be surprised if your pet comes home with a shaved patch!


CT Scanning

For more advanced imaging, we have limited access to a CT machine in Port Macquarie whereby we can take your sedated pet for a CT scan under general anaesthesia. This is an involved process, but often gives us the answers we are looking for.

For any questions about ultrasound or digital imaging for your pet, get in touch with the team at Bonny Hills Vet today.

Bonny Hills - Imaging

This 6 month old Golden Retriever likes to pick up rocks on his adventures. He decided that one rock was good enough to eat. Unfortunately, his small intestine disagreed and it got stuck!

Imaging confirmed where the rock was stuck and had a successful removal.

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